1. What is your return policy?

All of our wedding gowns are one-of-a-kind and due to the nature of this industry, all gowns are a final sale, so please make sure the sizing and measurements are accurate, and that you are purchasing the correct size. 

2. How long does it take to receive my newly purchased wedding gown?

Upon receiving your order and payment, your order will be processed within 24 hours and shipping can take any where between 7-30 business days, depending on the location we are shipping it to.

3. I'm getting married next month, can you do express shipping?

A little last minute shopping eh? Not a problem at all! We can do an express shipping for a rush charge of $75.00 CDN, and you will receive your dress within 3 business days. 

4. Do your dresses come in different sizes?

Each wedding gown is unique and we have ONLY one of each style. For all dresses with a corset back, it can fit 1-4 different sizes and dresses with a zipper back are less giving, so please make sure you are purchasing the proper size!

5. Do you do custom sizes for the shown styles?

Let's talk! Email us at [email protected]

6. Do you do custom wedding gowns at an extremely affordable price?

You bet! Let's talk! Email us at [email protected]

7. Where do you ship to?

We would love to ship internationally, but at this moment, we are only shipping within Canada. If you see something you really love and can't live without (we know that feeling) but you do not live in Canada, and do not plan on moving here just to purchase the dress (which may be a bit crazy), contact as at [email protected], and we can try to work something out!

8. The BIG question (not "will you marry me?" kind of BIG) - how can you offer such extravagant and high quality dresses for such low and inexpensive prices?

Simple - we do not believe that you need to spend your down payment on a your special day for your special dress. A Wedding shouldn't be about spending a fortune. With this belief, we keep all of our overhead cost extremely low and of course, no crazy mark ups. We want to be a part of your special day and for you to remember us even after your big day (in a good and memorable way, of course), having said so, please take pictures and send them to us along with your "love story"! With your consent, we would love to share it on our blog!!