1. What is your return policy?

All of our wedding gowns are one-of-a-kind and due to the nature of this industry, all gowns are a final sale. 

2. How long does it take for my dress to be made?

Upon receiving your order and payment, it will usually take 3 months for your dress to be made. If we need longer time, we will definitely advise you from the start. 

3. I'm getting married next month, can you put a rush on my order?

A little last minute shopping eh? Not a problem at all! We can put a rush order in for you at an extra charge of $250.00.

4. Can I purchase your dress(es) online?

Because this is such an important purchase, we would much rather have you in to try the dress on first, so as of right now, we do not offer online purchases. 

5. Do you do custom sizes for your existing styles?

Yes, absolutely! 

6. Can you do modifications to your existing styles?

Yes, we can! We don't charge for any modification unless we have to recreate a new pattern or add on extra fabric. But don't worry, we will definitely let you know ahead of time if there are extra charges and then you can decide whether to proceed with the changes!

6. Do you do custom wedding gowns at an extremely affordable price?

You bet! Let's talk! Email us at bonnie@jeviscouture.com


7. How much time do I have for my fitting appointment?

We never want you to feel rush because this is obviously a very important purchase. So we usually allow for 1.5 hours, but if you need more time and we can accommodate for it, we definitely will!

8. How many people can I bring to my fitting?

This will be one of your most memorable experiences, so please feel free to bring anyone you wish. At Je Vis Bridal, you get private studio time, so you and your party can enjoy this experience without any interruptions!